The Rapid Credentialing Grant is part of a state-wide initiative to help individuals, particularly those negatively impacted by the pandemic, quickly train for a career. The programs are funded by the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Fund and are provided at no cost to students.

Costs covered under the Rapid Credentialing Grant include: tuition, course fees, text books, and testing costs. There are no financial need requirements for students; however, they must complete the prescribed courses in the set time-frame. Program lengths range from one semester to three semesters. Some coursework will be online and some in person, depending on the program. All classes and activities on campus will follow CDC guidelines and local safety ordinances. Eligible students must meet standards of satisfactory academic progress and also provide the College information regarding their job placement after completion of their program.

Students must be registered in the relevant courses for one of the following programs at the time of application to be eligible for the Grant and must complete all required courses by Fall 2022:

Starting Spring 2022

• Professional Dive Instructor (15 credits) – Key West Campus

Starting Summer 2022

• Entrepreneurship (12 credits)- Key West Campus & Upper Keys Center in Key Largo

• Business Specialist (12 credits)- Key West Campus & Upper Keys Center in Key Largo

• Business Operations (18 credits)- Key West Campus & Upper Keys Center in Key Largo

Starting Fall 2022

• Yamaha Certification (5 credits) – Key West Campus



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Business Specialist Certificate

Business Specialist (12 credits)

Business Operations Certificate

Business Operations Certificate (18 Credits)

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Entrepreneurship (12 credits)

Diving College Credit Certificate

Professional Dive Instructor (15 credits)- Key West Campus