Book Rentals, Purchases, and Returns

If you have questions pertaining to books that you have rented and need to return or books that you need to purchase for an online class please contact pablo.javier.rosa@gmail.comor visit the Bookstore online.

Changing Application Deadlines

Did the application date change for any programs for Fall 2020? 

No, there have been no changes for any programs’ application dates.

Updates for Summer Classes

If I was registered for an in-person class during Summer A, will I still be registered for that class? 

Yes, you are still registered for the class but all classes have been moved to online. If there is a required in-person component to the course (i.e. cooking and scuba diving courses), theymay be moved to later in the summer semester if we are able to safely congregate on campus. Please contact your advisor if you have further questions. 

Nicole Gerrard | (305) 809- 3262 | 
Karen Powers | (305) 809- 3146 | 
Madeleine Lowe | (305) 809- 3277 | 
Mark LaHood | (305) 809- 3269 | 

What about classes with mandatory lab/dive components?

The College is working to identify ways to safely hold on-campus training for students in programs that require it (like diving) when stay-at-home orders cease.  During the first part of the summer term, the College intends to hold lab portions of spring courses that were missed.  A 6-week Summer B term (June 23- August 3) is also planned for courses that require in-person training.  It is important to note that these labs and classes will only run if stay-at-home orders are lifted and we can safely congregate on campus.

Will students still be able to participate in independent study classes with professors?

Yes, online independent study options are viable for the summer.

How is the College handling in-person internships?

The College will take these on a case-by-case basis.

Questions regarding Project ACCESS.

Project ACCESS students should contact Sheila Reyes, Assistant Director, Student Success Services, at (305) 809-3201 or, to discuss their future schedules and plans.

VA and GI Bill Information 

Because CFK is moving to completely online for right now, will that influence VA and GI Bill benefits?

No, there will be no changes to your benefits for the Summer semester. If you have further questions, please contact Financial Aid at


Are students still required to take an entrance exam?

Yes. We are able to accept SAT, ACT, and PERT within the last two years. If you have not taken any of these tests within the last two years, you will be required to take the PERT once the testing center reopens.

Lagoon Landing

If you have questions pertaining to on-campus living please contact or visit the Lagoon Landing website.