"I believe in endless creative possibilities. I teach my students individually, to spark their unique passions and abilities. Every ceramics student gets individualized assignments, ample open studio time, and one-on-one feedback throughout the class, helping them to work at their own pace and discover their personal strengths. In the studio and online, I constantly share new techniques and artwork from around the world. I am a true believer in innovation and exploration for learners at all levels. With the right tools and support, my students can complete projects with confidence and learn to see the world in a new light."


Associate in Arts from Florida Keys Community College, 1977

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute, 1978

Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute, 1980

Art Installations

The Desert Project

Carson City, Nevada,1978

Large scale rock drawing, two and a half miles long. As seen from the air, an elaborate geometric drawing inspired by the Nazca Lines of Peru.

The Ocean Project

Culebra, Puerto Rico, 1979

Underwater sculpture the size of two city blocks, located in a small cove off of Ensanada Malenathe, creating an artificial coral reef.

Black Sand Beach Project

Maui, Hawaii, 1978

A sand painting, 100 by 200 feet across, using different colored oxides.

Pelican Shoals Underwater Reef Project

Offshore near Key West, Florida, 1985

54 underwater tables, each representing a Mayan temple. 

Flaming Water Sculpture

Woman Key, near Key West, Florida, 1985

A special performance at sea comprised of 14 large floating pyramids, set in the configuration of the constellation Aldebaren. Luminously presented by fire, to music by George Winston and David Lane. 


Oakland, California. 1982.

Sponsored by an N.E.A. grant, at the 12th International Sculpture Conference. 

Stargazer Underwater Sculpture

Key West, Florida, 1993

A diveable artificial reef, standing in 24 feet of water. Shaped in the form of an ancient nautical device, the surface of the sculpture has holes cut out in the shapes of constellations used by mariners to navigate the waters of the Florida Keys, and illuminated by 2,000 lights. 

CFK Activities

Advisor for the Mud Pi Ceramics Club

Host of the annual Mud Pi Dinner, which raises funds for new art equipment and supports a variety of artistic workshops throughout the year.