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Every student has a different enrollment plan. Some students plan to enroll part-time or take a semester-long break (or longer) before graduation. Others may change majors multiple times. While students should pursue their goals as best fits their circumstance, it is also important to know how each of these decisions influences the number of years needed for a degree, as extra time and credits can be costly.

The CFK time-to-degree and cost & earnings tools will show you: 1) your expected time-to-degree given your current enrollment plan and background, 2) your estimated total cost of attendance and financial return on investment, and 3) how your cost and benefit will be altered by reducing your time to degree. Please note that the result is NOT necessarily what will happen to you, but an estimate based on past data, intended to help you make decisions in college. Please play with these tools, and feel free to ask questions of our staff and faculty. We are here to support you any way we can.

*Note: The current tools only pertain to earning an associate degree at CFK.



The Time to Degree Tool demonstrates how different factors impact the time it takes for students to earn their associate degree.


The Cost & Earnings Tool estimates the cost to degree and provides earnings prediction for students depending on income level, age at entry, time to degree and other inputs. The cost includes all kinds of expenses necessary to attend CFK, such as tuition, fees, textbooks, living cost, and others.


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