The College of the Florida Keys is excited to roll out a new initiative to drive student success! Destination Graduation aims to help students earn their CFK credential(s) and reach their goals faster. College is a journey and graduation is the destination. Let’s pack well and get there faster!

Time Matters

Students who progress in a timely manner are more connected to their college experience and earn better grades. The sooner a student earns a diploma, the sooner she/he can start to enjoy the benefits of holding a college degree/certificate… like better job opportunities, higher wages, and/or the ability to pursue a higher-level degree.

Starting Strong

CFK is focusing on enhancing students’ first semester experiences, thereby laying the groundwork for a stronger start to their educational journey at CFK and, ultimately, a timelier completion. Specifically, CFK is reinvigorating its New Student Orientation and redesigning its “Preparing for Student Success” class

New Student Orientation

CFK is rebuilding its New Student Orientation. This important activity is when students embark on their college journey and are first introduced to the many resources available to help them navigate their college experience successfully. The College is surveying current students to gather their input on ways to improve the New Student Orientation. 

The revamped New Student Orientation will be immersive, engaging, and promote a strong foundation for college success. Students will also effectively be trained on important matters like Title IX.

“Preparing for Student Success” (SLS 1101) Course

CFK is redesigning its “Preparing for Student Success” class, which is among the first classes that Freshmen students take. The College is surveying current students to find out what skills they think are valuable and/or helping them to be successful in college. Real student feedback, along with other research and faculty experiences, will drive changes to the course.

The College will also hire a new full-time SLS 1101 instructor and invest in professional development for all SLS 1101 instructors.

CFK’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Destination Graduation is the title and topic of CFK’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The QEP is part of the College’s reaffirmation process required by the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), CFK’s accrediting body. The QEP spans five years and is intended to enhance the quality of education for students through assessments and measurable student learning outcomes. To learn more, please visit