Mission Statement

The College of the Florida Keys' All College Council (ACC) advocates for CFK employees, students, and community stakeholders (when appropriate) in decision making throughout the College. The ACC provides a clear and concise process for employees and students to initiate action on the College's mission and direction and to give feedback on new initiatives, policies, and procedures. The ACC is a diverse group of College representatives who ensure equitable consideration for interests toward the betterment of the College.


The ACC works to build a strong foundation of support and communication between the College’s executive staff and college employees and students. Members guide and assist the college leadership in ongoing work to deliver the highest quality education and foster campus-wide collaboration to support positive employee morale and involvement. The ACC collaborates with college leadership to continuously move the College to higher levels of excellence. The group is composed of college employees from different clusters and students.


1. To provide a clear and concise process for employees and students to initiate action on the College's mission and direction.
2. To give constructive feedback on planning for new initiatives, policies, and procedures.
3. To identify opportunities that support the College community.
4. To serve as advocates for the All College Council.

2022-2023 Meeting Schedule

September 15, 2022
January 26, 2023
June 15, 2023

2022- 2023 Council Members

- Michael Crespo, Instructional Representative, Chairperson
- April Allen, Instructional Representative, Vice-Chairperson
- Megan Perez, Student Support Representative, Secretary
- Laura Springer, Student Representative
- Bryan Gaitan, Student Support Representative
- Karla Malsheimer, Onboarding Representative
- Lori Bosco, Infrastructure Representative
- Chuck Goulding, Instructional Representative
- Sheila Reyes, Instructional Representative
- Vacant Seat, Onboarding Representative
- Vacant Seat, Operations Representative
- Vacant Seat, Student Representative