Located in the Ron Saunders Student Center on the Key West Campus, the CFK’s Campus Café serves a variety of healthy and delicious meals and snacks made from fresh ingredients. 

You can call ahead for pickup orders.

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Meal Plan Options

The College offers two types of meal plans:

Declining Balance allows you to load a specific dollar amount to your account that is reduced by each purchase. No minimum balance required.

Meal Credits allows you to load a specific number of meals to your account. Each meal includes any option of one food item and one drink. Meal credit options include the following.

  • 225 meal credits $3,024
  • 150 meal credits $2,177
  • 75 meal credits $1,169

To purchase meal plans, contact the Business Office at (305) 809-3186 or stop by the office at the Key West main campus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I track my meal plan online?
  • Can I reload my meal card online?
    • Meal credit accounts cannot be reloaded online. Please contact the Campus Café or Business Office for assistance.
    • Declining Balance accounts can reloaded online at https://ams-ui.volantecloud.com/cfk/login.
  •  How do I use the meal card management system (Volante)?
    • First time Users need to Sign Up. The User is the student. Your account ID is your nine (9) digit student ID number. Your email address is your CFK email address.
    • An informational video on how to use the system can be found at Volanté AMS: Welcome to your Account Management System - YouTube.
    • Chapter in the video include the following:
      • Chapters 00:00
      • Introduction 00:09
      • Welcome to AMS 00:43
      • Setting up your Account 01:50
      • Signing in to your Account 02:00
      • Usage Agreement Document 02:20
      • Accessing your Account Profile & Details 02:58
      • Wallet Homepage 03:13
      • Account Section with Names & Balances 03:45
      • Transaction Receipts & Details 04:54
      • Loading Funds to Account & Auto Load 05:56
      • Setting up auto-reload to your Accounts & Stored Card Detail 07:38
      • Changing Opt-in/Opt-out (if enabled) 08:23
      • Setting up notifications for Account Amounts and Load 08:44
  • Are meal plans available on the weekend?
    • No, all meals must be obtained during regular operating hours noted on our website.
  • Can I take my meals to go?
    • Yes, please tell cashier when ordering.
  • Do I have to live on campus to purchase a meal plan?
    • No, all students are eligible for a meal plan.
  • Where can I eat on the meal plan?
    • The College main campus in Keys West is the only location with a campus café. The Upper Keys Center and Middle Keys Center currently do not have a campus café on site.
  • Is there a fee to use meal credit or declining balance?
    • No, there are no added fees for using meal plans.
  • Is there an expiration date for when I can use my meal credits?
    • Yes, accounts that have not been active for one year are forfeited.
  • Are meal plans transferable?
    • All meal plans are non-transferable. Only the participant may use the allotted meals.
  • Do meal credits roll over at the end of each academic year?
    • Yes, however, meal credits will be adjusted to reflect the new year pro-rated value. Adjustments will be made by pro-rating the value of the meal credit and reducing the number of meal credits available.
  • What do I do if I lose my card?
    • Declining balance accounts – Go to online portal and suspend your account.
    • Meal Credit accounts – Notify Campus Café with by phone, in person, or email.
    • A new card will be issued at the Campus Café.
  • Can I receive a refund for unused funds?
    • A student may request a refund if they have withdrawn from the College under the following documented condition(s). 
      • serious illness;
      • documented medical condition preventing completion;
      • death of an immediate family member (father, mother, sister, brother);
      • involuntary call to active military duty;
      • documented change in residence outside of Monroe County; and/or 
      • completed degree.
    • Meal plans purchased by a benefactor must be approved by the benefactor in writing. All refund requests are assessed an administration fee of $35 per plan.