Transient students are guest students. They attend another institution but enroll at The College of the Florida Keys temporarily. For example, a university student may attend CFK for summer classes and return to his/her original institution in the fall.

Follow the steps below to become a transient student at CFK. If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact the Admissions Office at 305-809-3188 or

Steps to Apply:

Students currently attending a Florida public college/university:

Your FloridaShines application will serve as your application for admission as well as your residency and transient form. Transient students are exempt from Placement Tests. Keep in mind that you will only be able to register for the classes and term you indicate on your form.

To submit a FloridaShines Transient Student Admissions Application:

  1. Visit the FloridaShines website.
  2. Read the information on the page.
  3. Then click "Start or check the status of your Transient Student Admissions Application now."
  4. Select your home institution by clicking the down arrow.
  5. Check with your home institution to determine your school ID and PIN/password.
  6. Enter the student ID and PIN/password, and click "Continue."
  7. Complete the form as indicated. You can check to see if the class(es) you want is/are offered at CFK in our course search.

Students at private and out-of-state college/university:

If your home institution is not listed on FloridaShines because you attend a private institution or an out-of-state school, you will need to apply to CFK, provide a transient letter from your home school, and verify Florida residency (if applicable).

  1. Contact your advisor at your home college or university to discuss taking classes at CFK.
  2. Request a transient letter from your academic advisor. The transient letter must list all CFK courses the student plans to and is eligible to take, equivalent courses at the home institution, and the term the student plans to attend. This letter guarantees the transferability of courses taken at CFK to the student’s home institution. Students may submit transient letters in person, by mail, or e-mail to as a PDF (links or .htm files are not accepted). Transient students are not required to submit high school or college transcripts since the transient approval letter will serve in lieu of transcripts.
  3. Apply to CFK. Under “Admit Type,” select “Transient (Not FloridaShines Students).”
  4. Complete the Florida Residency Declaration Form to qualify for in-state tuition status.

Register for Classes:

Once your application is processed and approved, you will be able to register for CFK classes. CFK’s Academic Advising Office will contact you about registering for the classes in which you have been approved to enroll.

Please note: A student's financial aid cannot come to two schools at the same time. Therefore, all transients will initially need to pay for their classes out of pocket. If you qualify for aid, your home school will reimburse you after the Add/Drop period ends. There is a place on the FloridaShines application to indicate if you have financial aid. If you attend a private or out-of-state college/university, please contact your home institution’s financial aid office for guidance. Transient students will be expected to pay their tuition, fees, and books by the payment deadline. There are no exceptions to this rule. Once the transient student completes the term, they must submit an on-line transcript request to have their transcript sent to their home school.