Career exploration and preparation continues to be one of the most prominent goals of higher education. While it may seem a large part of the CFK journey is spent within the classroom, being a student goes far beyond that. Applying new knowledge and skills to other aspects of one's life, such as a career, outside of the classroom is another significant component of being a student. Whether it's discovering, planning, or taking action towards a career, consider how you can develop the following:

  • Career and Job Search: What areas of employment are you searching for? What are effective ways to find these opportunities?
  • Resume and Cover Letter: Do you have a resume and cover letter? What are effective strategies for creating a resume and cover letter?
  • Interviewing Skills: What does a successful interview look like? What are good practices when preparing for an interview?
  • Online Profiles: Are online profiles, such as LinkedIn important to your career interest?
  • Networking: Who can help make the career and job search successful?


Job/Career Fairs

The annual CFK Job Fair is typically held in the Spring semester (March-April).


Internships are a powerful and effective way for students to gain real-world work experience. The College's Internship Program provides experiential learning as a complementary approach to a student's education. With a goal of preparing students, the College's internship program is focused on providing quality industry internship opportunities that allow students to spend time within a real-world job experience prior to graduation.