The history of The College of the Florida Keys is enriched by the legions of prestigious alumni who have gone on to make an impact in the Florida Keys and communities far and wide. Ranging from marine scientists, business leaders, and artists to nurses, teachers, and law enforcement officers, CFK alumni have one thing in common: They all count a critical part of their journeys to success to The College of the Florida Keys. Many made it to graduation day, not just on their own will and hard work, but also thanks to the generosity of scholarship donors, the devotion of CFK professors, tutors, and staff, and the sacrifice of family, friends, and employers.

Now many CFK alumni are in positions to continue the legacy of cultivating new generations of CFK students and future alumni in a variety of ways.  The first step is to remain connected to your alma mater. Visit campus for events like Community Day and the VIP Series. Support student scholarships or academic programs through the CFK Foundation.  Recommend CFK to others looking to improve their lives through education. Employ CFK students and alumni. Continue your own development through CFK’s many non-credit recreational and career training courses.

As the College strengthens its connection with alumni, we request that alumni update us on your accomplishments since graduation and how CFK helped you achieve your goals. To join our database of alumni, please complete the Alumni Update Form on this page. We look forward to continuing to celebrate with you as part of the CFK family!

Alumni Record Update Form

Please help us keep our records current by providing us with your present contact information so that you will not miss out on alumni e-newsletters, event invitations, and other exciting publications! If you complete this form, you do not need to complete the Alumni Spotlight Form below.

Alumni Spotlight Form

Quickly share life events, accomplishments, awards, hobbies, memberships and career news here. We want to hear about and celebrate the new and exciting things happening in your life!

CFK Alumni of the Year Award

Nominate a Classmate or Yourself for CFK’s Alumni of the Year Award! The award recipient will be honored at the next CFK May Commencement in Key West.

Transcript Request

An official transcript is the institution certified statement of your academic record at The College of the Florida Keys. The official paper transcript is printed on security sensitive paper or emailed through a secure portal and contains the institution seal and signature of the college Registrar.