Civic Literacy requirement and definition

Rule 6A-10.02413 of the State Board of Education defines civic literacy competency as follows:

  1. Must complete or has received credit for POS2041 or AMH2020 course with passing grade 
  2. Must pass FCLE test at college (60%) or passed FCLE in high school OR

Must pass one of the following exams which gives credit for course and exam:

  • AP Government and Politics: United States (3)
  • AP United States History (4)
  • CLEP: American Government (POS2041) (50)

Testing Requirements

  • 80 questions
  • Passing score is 60%, 48 out of 80 questions
  • Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours long
  • No cost for first attempt
  • Retesting, if needed is unlimited, a fee may be assessed

Scheduling the test: call 305-809-3185 (Key West) or 305-809-3221


Exam Content

The Four Competency Areas

American Democracy Understanding of the basic principles and practices of American democracy and how they are applied in our republican form of government. 

U.S. Constitution An understanding of the United States Constitution and its application. 

Founding Documents Knowledge of the founding documents and how they have shaped the nature and functions of our institutions of self-government. 

Landmark Impact on Law & Society An understanding of landmark Supreme Court cases, landmark legislation and landmark executive actions and their impact on law and society.