Meet Our Faculty

English Faculty

April Allen

"It is my desire to give my students the knowledge and preparedness to go confidently into the next phase of their educational career. I will help my students achieve their learning goals by providing an environment that is a safe space and invites students to share their ideas confidently. I strive to provide students with educational opportunities that spark their interest in the English Language and Literature courses."

Nursing Faculty

April Boney, MSN, RN

"My goal as an educator is to provide an enthusiastic, innovative, and creative learning environment while maintaining a philosophy that education must be student-centered, and learners must be equal partners in the learning process. My vision as an educator is to bring diversity to the learning environment that supports the belief that all students have different learning needs, and each deserves the chance to succeed."

Math Faculty

Marcial Echenique , Ed.D

"Mathematics cannot be taught in a vacuum or as an isolated topic. Connecting the mathematical topics with the students’ interest is critical in making the mathematics meaningful. It is more important now than ever, for students to understand of how mathematics is a critical tool in our current society."

Nursing Faculty

Barry "Gene" Graham, DNP, MSN-Ed., RN

"Education is a lifelong fundamental right and should be accessible by all seeking to enhance their knowledge base. Learners come from varied disciplines and cultures. Recognition of these differences brings forth a rich tapestry of experiences to the academic setting."

Engineering Technology Faculty

Vijay Khanal, Ph.D.

"The way people learn is as unique as their fingerprints. I have learned to adapt to diverse learning aptitudes of students. My objective is to teach fundamental scientific concepts and couple them with strong technical skills so my students can develop independence and expertise."