Meet Our Faculty

English Faculty

Melissa Nicholas

"I promote literacy and English education through 'power in knowledge.' My focus on literacy as legacy means perpetuating the idea that all people are worth the time it takes to help them achieve their educational goals, and to develop their knowledge and potential. Teaching and learning reveal the connections, transformations, and commitment by people in specific communities where access to quality education is not equal for all. I focus on serving diverse populations in domestic and international settings. I strive to provide students opportunities to reach their academic, career, and personal goals in an inclusive classroom setting."

Diving Business & Technology Faculty

Lucja Rice

"My ardent passion for diving is evident in my teaching style. I strive to instill my love of diving in my students by sharing my experiences during class. I listen to my students’ needs and plan my courses accordingly. I believe that lectures implementing technology are essential to make classes more versatile. I believe that theory and practical training are essential in diving safety but hands-on training is critical to truly understand safe scuba diving. Most of all, I believe that diving should be fun and relaxing, but beyond all else, safe."

Culinary Management Faculty

Jorge Sanchez, MBA CEC CCE CCA

"I am committed to providing the resources for students to become leaders and culinary professionals in today’s global marketplace. As a teacher, I recognize the importance of offering different learning modalities and maintaining diversity in various cognitive learning styles. I try to offer a variety of cooperative and collaborative pedagogical strategies including team and peer assessment designed to assist students to reach their full potential."

Math Faculty

Amber Severson

"All students deserve to learn meaningful mathematics. Students that have opportunities that promote investigation, discourse, and empowerment gain experiences that will improve mathematical skills, conceptual understanding, and problem solving strategies…

Marine Science Faculty

Angelo "Jason" Spadaro, Ph.D.

"I believe that students get the most out of experiential learning opportunities. I try to incorporate hands-on activities into each of my courses. My overriding objective is to prepare students for employment in the marine science field and to offer as many opportunities to gain real-world experience in the field as possible."

Nursing Faculty

Shannon Sperry, MSN, RN

"I constantly strive to provide knowledge while facilitating the students understanding of the subject matter I am teaching. I provide a holistic approach to teaching respecting and supporting a widely diverse group of students. I enjoy empowering my students as they develop the skills and knowledge that adds meaning to their role in the caring profession of nursing."