The College of the Florida Keys is an open-access, educational institution dedicated to serving the intellectual, diverse, cultural, and occupational needs of the Florida Keys as well as the global community. The College is committed to student-centric academic programs and services, workforce development, continuing education, diverse partnerships, electronically delivered instruction, and sustainable practices that prepare students for personal success and responsible citizenship.


CFK will be a leader in quality education, innovative learning and a unifying force within the community.


At CFK, we value:

Academic Excellence

continuous improvement and growth in all areas of the college

Student Success and Achievement

fulfillment of intended educational and personal goals

Faculty and Staff Engagement

collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation among faculty and staff

Individualism and Diversity

respecting diverse views, fostering an open exchange of information, ideas, and feelings

Civic and Environmental Responsibility

individual, institutional, and societal accountability

Community Partnerships

community pride, economic development, and unity