Offering internships to CFK students provides significant value to your organization. Partnering sites are able to gain new, motivated team members who are ready to contribute to your organization.  The work to be done today and the future of the community’s workforce will both benefit from a thriving internship program. Consider these outcomes to entering into an internship sponsorship.

Find and Shape Future Employees

While you only sponsor each intern for a short time, each intern is a potential long-term employee who has been educated first-hand in your company.

Meaningful Project Completion

An intern can help your business to run more smoothly if you offer them real opportunities to contribute to important projects in the workplace, within the confines of The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). When the intern benefits richly, so do you!

Further Support and Awareness of Your Business

An intern becomes a new voice in support of your business’s mission and its team, helping expansion that serves to build your brand within the community.

Get to know potential employees’ strengths and weaknesses

The intern offers the benefit of a long-term, real impression of the students’ potential and ability specific to your business. You will have a length of time to evaluate how the intern can be the best fit for your organization. See clearly the potential s/he has to offer your company.

Lasting Partnerships

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), in a 2009 survey, found that nearly 40% of employers had a higher five-year retention rate for employees hired through internship programs.

See your workplace from a fresh perspective

In small- and medium-sized businesses, it is beneficial to have a new set of ideas and skills from which to approach challenges, productivity, and progress.

Be part of contributing holistically to your community

Keys community support is an important part of any small business being successful here. Interns will help to build the local workforce and to build and strengthen networking relationships within the community.

Support students for a strong future

The experience gained while serving your facility will be vital to the skills and connections necessary for students to get off to a strong start and to be prepared for the realities of career building. Paid internships further this by helping the intern understand how s/he will facilitate a positive sense of responsibility both in the workplace and at home.