The Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Student Education (BS-ESE) at CFK provides an opportunity for aspiring educators to become Florida certified teachers ready to embark on rewarding, in-demand careers in K-12 schools. The degree program trains and educates individuals to assist and empower children with disabilities who need specially designed instruction and related services. Students will prepare for a Florida Professional Teaching Certification in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) with Reading and English as a Second Language (ESOL) Endorsements.

BS-ESE Bootcamp - Dates July 29 - Aug 18

Join us for an accelerated pace bootcamp to obtain required prerequisite courses for BS-ESE.

Courses offered
*Introduction to the Teaching Profession (EDF 2005)

Students throughout the Keys can participate. This course will be comprised of live/ virtual classes and field experience. Real-time class participation is required-- in-person or virtually.

Students can take this class as an elective towards an AA even if not entering BS-ESE Fall Cohort.

If you are a current student, contact your advisor to register for the bootcamp. if you are a new student intending to pursue BS-ESE, complete a credit application and select "employment related, non degree-seeking" for the summer 2024 term. A separate application is required for the BS-ESE.

Criteria and Coursework

The BS-ESE follows a “2 + 2” model, in which a student first earns an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree or equivalent from CFK or another accredited institution before applying to the bachelor’s degree program to complete two years of upper-level courses. In addition to an A.A., admission to the BS-ESE program requires students to have completed Introduction to the Teaching Profession (EDF2005) with a C or higher. Students who start by earning an A.A. at CFK will work with their academic advisor to ensure they complete the two prerequisite courses required for admission to the BS-ESE. Students must also have a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for the general education component of undergraduate studies.

BS-ESE graduates complete 120 credit hours, including their associate degree credits. The total comprises successful completion of 36 general education credit hours, 24 elective credit hours, and 60 upper-level ESE credit hours.

Courses includes but are not limited to:

• Classroom Management and Communication
• Integrated Technology in the Classroom
• Human Development and Learning
• Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Disabilities
• Educational Assessments for Exceptional Students
• Integrating Mathematics and Science
• Integrating Language Arts and Social Sciences
• Second Language Acquisition and Culture
• Capstone Experience (9-credit immersive experience in Monroe County School District schools)
• Seminar in Exceptional Student Education

Please consult the CFK College Catalog for full details pertaining to curriculum and requirements.

Career Outlook

Graduates of CFK’s BS-ESE program will be ready to elevate their career— with skillsets to lead diverse classrooms and make a difference in the lives of young learners. Preparation for professional teaching certificates in ESE, Reading, and ESOL are embedded in CFK’s program—adding value to the degree and a competitive edge to land the best jobs.

National, state, and local shortages of teachers are expected to persist— creating ongoing demand for credentialed teachers. These critically needed positions pay well. Salaries for local teaching positions start at approximately $60,000. Those with ESE credentials will be more likely to ascend to higher paying positions.

Partnership with Monroe County School District

This new bachelor’s degree was born through collaboration with Monroe County School District (MCSD) to help meet the need for credentialed K-12 teachers in the Florida Keys. Through their Grow Our Own initiative, MCSD is encouraging their paraprofessionals to pursue this opportunity. Their Para-to-Teacher Support Program offers up to $700 in tuition for each course the paraprofessional enrolls in that contributes to a baccalaureate degree in ESE.