The College of the Florida Keys (CFK) received $340, 026 in state funding to renovate its Dive Locker facility. Senator Anna Maria Rodriguez and Representative Jim Mooney personally delivered the funds to CFK President Dr. Jonathan Gueverra during a visit to the Key West Campus on June 21. 

The dive facility is used to store, clean, and service equipment used in the College’s Diving, Business, and Technology program. It includes an office, repair room, scuba cylinder and gear storage, a compressor room, and hyperbaric chamber room. The building, which is adjacent to the College’s 40-foot-deep Dive Training Lagoon and pool, is used by students and employees as well as local dive shops, and state and federal agencies that visit CFK to conduct dive-related trainings. 

“I am personally thankful, and I know that our students, employees and the community are grateful for these funds,” said Gueverra. “The dive locker is an integral part of many of our programs and to have it fully functional is imperative. I look forward to continuing our efforts working with Representative Mooney and Senator Rodriguez as they bring valuable resources to the county.”