CFK administrators closely monitor the tropical weather activity during Hurricane Season, which runs June 1 to November 30. Announcements regarding the impact of the storm on the College, including closures and re-openings, will be sent to students and employees through the College’s Emergency Notification System (email and phone messages) and will be posted publicly here on the College’s website as well as its Facebook and Instagram pages.

CFK encourages the College community to make preparations for storm season, and to monitor email, voicemail, and local news and weather. Be watchful and stay safe!

Hurricane Season Preparation:

Hurricanes are a part of living in South Florida. It is important that we refresh our memories, look to expert resources, and follow advice and directions in order to be adequately prepared for a storm. The links below provide valuable information on storm-related matters:

National Hurricane Center

Monroe County Emergency Management- Hurricanes Preparedness