Tuga Shelves provides students in need with cost-free access to food and other essential items, including various hygiene products. 

WHERE is the pantry located?

Currently, the pantry is located on the Key West campus with plans to expand to the Middle and Upper Keys Center. 

WHO can access the pantry?

CFK students with an active student ID. 

HOW can students access the pantry?

Students can request access through their Advise portal by visiting the link below and selecting “Food Assistance”  https://fkcc.elluciancrmadvise.com/StudentSelfService/ 

Students can also email TugaShelves@cfk.edu for assistance.

How to submit a Tuga Shelves request through CRM Advise

WHEN can students access the pantry?

Access to the pantry is granted by a key-code, making it easy for students to visit the pantry when it is most convenient for them. Students must submit a new request through Advise each semester to receive updated key-codes.

WHAT can students take from the pantry?

Each person’s needs may be different. Students are encouraged to take what is necessary to feel secure. Accountability and honesty are integral to its use and the continued success of this community's shared resources. 



We gladly welcome donations of non-perishable food items and hygiene products. If you are interested in donating items, please email TugaShelves@cfk.edu or visit our Amazon wish-list (Amazon orders are mailed directly to the college). 

Monetary donations that can help sustain and expand the pantry are also welcome. When donating funds, please use the Tuga Shelves Donation Form (link below) and submit it to the business office or donate via the CFK Foundation page and mention “Tuga Shelves” in the note section.

Tuga Shelves Forms