Apprenticeship programs help employers recruit and develop a highly skilled workforce, improve productivity, create flexible training options, minimize liability costs, receive tax credits, and increase retention of workers. As our program grows, we are constantly looking for new Employers who can take on the expanding number of applicants into the Apprenticeship program each semester. As a hiring employer, you can build your staff from the ground up, to hone in on the desired skillset for your company’s needs.

Joining our program as an employer sponsor, you would sign a Participating Sponsor Agreement and agree to the funding expectations set by the program. The employer agrees to support the program and their apprentice by contributing $950 per year, per apprentice that they sponsor. The employer guarantees wage increases over the course of the 4-year program as the apprentice progresses through the training. Once an apprentice is admitted to our program, we would refer them to you for an interview at your company for you evaluate and hire.

Another way to join our program is as an instructor. Instructors must have a minimum of 4 years’ experience in their Trade and be available two evenings a week to instruct the apprentices. The instructor will become a NCCER certified instructor and be provided with the course syllabus and testing modules for each level. Salary is $50 per hour. Class time is two nights per week, 3 hours each. Online support and virtual class time may also be incorporated into the instruction program.