Active Duty Military Tuition Assistance

If you are currently serving in the military, you may be eligible for funding offered through the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program. 




Navy Indocs

Student Services representatives attend Navy Indoc sessions each semester to provide service men and women with CFK degree program, enrollment, financial and other academic information. For more information on the next scheduled Navy Indoc, contact your Education Office.

Spousal Academic Orientation

Student Services coordinates with The Fleet and Family Support Center to provide Academic Orientation sessions to military spouses and dependents each semester. For more information contact:

Debbie Place

Educational Services Coordinator

The Fleet and Family Support Center

(305) 293-4408 x.17

Veterans Education

The College of the Florida Keys is approved for the training of entitled veterans who can qualify for such training under current federal laws. Persons with military service are urged to investigate their educational rights. For more information contact Office of Enrollment Services at (305) 809-3188.

For more specific information about their benefits, current and prospective students can visit the following sites or call 1-888-442-4551 with questions:

The VA Education Benefits website:

The State Approving Agency website:

Transferring Credits

Degree-seeking students who wish to translate military service school credits into college credits may do so by submitting a SMART (Sailor/Marine), AARTS (Army), or Coast Guard transcript to the Office of Enrollment Services. More information on obtaining a SMART transcript can be found at For information on obtaining an AARTS transcript go to For information on obtaining a Coast Guard transcript go to

Military Tuition Assistance

Active duty military personnel may be eligible to receive tuition assistance subsidized by the military. For full details students should contact their Education Office.

 What you need to do to complete the tuition assistance process:

  1. Register for courses at CFK
  2. Complete the “Application for Tuition Assistance” through the appropriate education office; include schedule with your application
  3. If approved, the Education Office will give you a “Tuition Assistance Authorization” which you will bring to CFK’s Business Services office
  4. The student shall be liable for any fees not covered by the tuition assistance program, whether partial assistance have been provided or none

 Please submit questions to


Dantes (DSST) and CLEP

Test Registration fees are $25. Exam fees are waived for:

  • Active Duty Military members (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserve Component)
  • Spouses and Civilian Employees of the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Coast Guard (Active and Reserve)
  • DoD Acquisition Workforce Personnel taking select exams.

For more information about testing, contact an CFK Testing Coordinator at (305) 809-3196.

Military Contract for a Degree

Students currently on active military duty may “contract for a degree” through the Service Members Opportunity Colleges at The College of the Florida Keys. The Director of Enrollment Services will assist the service person in contracting for the degree. The contract will specify the course of study to be pursued and appropriate learning options. The College will continue to guide the service person’s educational planning should it become necessary for the student to enroll in another institution. The service person will be permitted to transfer in reverse appropriate credits earned at other institutions. The service person must complete a minimum of 25% of the required work at CFK. The appropriate degree or certificate will be awarded upon successful fulfillment of the contract.

Military Education Offices

The following are phone numbers for the Education Office’s of the Florida Keys:
Coast Guard, Dan Rogers – (305) 292-8712
Navy, Jeffrey Fishman – (305) 293-2075
Airforce – Contact your Commanding Officer