The Smart Start to a Bachelor’s Degree

The Associate in Arts (A.A.) is the smart start to earning a bachelor degree.  During the two-year program, students earn 60 credits.  They take similar general education courses as freshman and sophomores at a university (only the classes are much smaller than a typical university lecture hall class).  

Graduates of the A.A. can go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree at The College of the Florida Keys or transfer to another college or university.  CFK has “2+2” partnerships with all of Florida’s 12 public and 31 independent universities, as well as a dozen other institutions—making it easy to take the next step.

Think Ahead. Plan Ahead.

A.A. students are encouraged to think ahead from the very beginning.  Your academic advisor will help you develop a Career Pathway/Bachelor’s Degree Plan, which will align your elective courses to the major in which you intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree.  Keep in mind that there may be additional requirements and prerequisite courses that exceed 60 credits, so it is important that you work with your advisor and consult the CFK catalog.